10 things your mother never told you. […]

10 things your mother never told you. […]

10 things your mother never told you.

1. No one has made your mother cry like you have.
Ever since she found out she was pregnant with you, you made her cry when she fed you. You made her cry when she held you for the first time, but she cried with joy. You made her cry cause she got scared. You made her cry all the countless nights without any sleep. And you know what? You still make her cry because she loves you, Endlessly. You even make her cry when you cry!

2. You know she wanted the last piece of cake.
But how can a mother deny her child when you were sitting there, looking at her with your big eyes, it is impossible for a mother to say no. Because you know what? She is happy when you are happy!

3. You made her hurt.
You hurt her when you kept pulling her hair. You hurt her when you decided to grab her skin with your long sharp nails. You hurt her when she was breastfeeding and you kept biting her. And you could never believe how much you hurt her when she carried you in her womb for 9 months, and even more when she gave birth! And she never told you this, you know why? Because your mother just wanted you to be happy.

4. She has always been scared.
Since the day she gave birth to you she have done everything she every could to protect you. Your mother was the one that said no to her friends when they asked to hold you. Because you meant everything to her and you could never feel as safe as you would in her arms. And when you took your first steps, her heart skipped a beat. Every time you got home late she would stay up all night just to make sure that you were alright, and every morning to get you ready for school. And every time you ever got hurt, your mother was always the one by your side.. Each time you felt ill, she’d be right by your side making sure you were OK. She has always tried to protect you, and you know what? She always will.

5. Your mother knows she is not perfect.
Your mother is tough and critical to herself. She is a wise woman and knows her flaws and at times she might even hate herself for it. But all the toughest times, are always about you. She always tries to be the best mother that she possibly can, but making mistakes is what makes us human. Your mother still tries to forgive herself for pain she might have caused you, there is nothing she would like more in this world than to simply just go back in time and make thing right, but still, she is only human. Be kind to your mother and let her know that you appreciate her.

6. Your mother was watching you while you were asleep.
At certain times in your mother would stay up entire nights just to look at your beautiful face while you were asleep. And when you just couldn’t fall asleep at night, she would sing you your favorite song. Even when she was absolutely exhausted herself she would stay up just for you. And even when you eventually went to sleep, she’d stay those extra minutes just looking at you. Your mother enjoyed the quiet times while she could peacefully look at your face, expressing more love than she thought was ever possible.

7. Your mother has carried you more than you could imagine.
Your mother built the strength to carry you around while she was cleaning. She built her strength so she could carry you while she was in the kitchen, cooking, clearing the dinner table, washing dishes, your mother did it all! Your mother carried you around, all, the, time, even when you were asleep, your mother was there with you. Even as her arms were aching, her back was hurt and tired, nothing stopped her from doing everything she possibly could for you. Your mother’s body had to go through some rough changes, but she did it all for you. Remember that. Because as soon as you came to be in this world, your mother has never had a single doubt, everything was worth it.

8. Your mother is sad when you are sad
There is nothing that hurt your mother more than when you cry. When you ran away from here with tears running down your face, there has never been a sight that made her more hurt. But she always did everything she could to make you smile again but she didn’t always succeed..

9. You have always been first!
Even when she hadn’t eaten all day, didn’t have a shower for the last 3 days, she barely had any sleep for the last week, she still put you first. All the times your mother came home from work completely exhausted and just felt like going to bed, she still always make sure you are OK before she finish her day. Whether you needed food or if you were feeling down, she was always there to assist you through life and always put your needs in front of her own.

10. Your mother would do it all over again.
If you don’t know, being a mom is about the toughest job there is in the world. She will cry, get hurt when you try and you fail, but you work and you learn. And she will feel more joy than words could ever describe when she see you succeed in life. Even all the pain life will cause her, every sleepless night and early mornings. Your mother would do it all over again, just for you!
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