Caesar Johnson
Happiness A Cat “Tale” […]

Caesar Johnson Happiness A Cat “Tale” […]

An old alley cat spies a little kitten chasing its tail and asks “What are you doing?”
The little kitten replies “Well, I have just returned from Cat Philosophy school where I learned the two most important lessons that any cat can learn!”
“And what, my little friend, might those be?” the alley cat said with a grin.
“First, that the most important thing for a cat is Happiness and secondly, that Happiness is located in a cat’s tail,” said the kitten. The kitten continued, “So I surmised that if I chase my tail until I finally catch it, I will have Happiness forever!”
The old cat replied, “Well, I haven’t had the same opportunities as you and I have not had a chance to go to Cat Philosophy school; I have simply wandered the alleys most of my life. But amazingly I have been able to come to the same conclusion as you! Happiness is in fact the most important thing for a cat and Happiness is indeed located in a cat’s tail. The only difference between us is that I’ve discovered that if you go about your business, and do the things that are important to you, Happiness will follow after you wherever you go.”

Italian version HERE

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