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Claudio Pozzani I am

I am the Apostle
left out from the Last Supper,
One of Garibaldi’s men
too late to the rock of Quarto
I am the Messiah
of a religion with no believers

I am the excluded, the outsider, the damned who won’t surrender.

I am the main character
who dies on the first page
The stray and mangy cat
no old lady wants to pet
I am the rabid beast
that bites the hand that feeds it

I am the excluded, the outsider, the damned in eternity

I am the unexpected wave
stealing towels and radios
The misunderstanding
making couples fight
I am the devil
dodging Luther’s inkpot
The reel of film that snaps
Before the final scene.

I am the excluded, the outsider, a hammer in the brain

I am the pinball that’s swallowed
one point shy of the record
The  goal scored against myself
before the clock runs out
The kid making faces
at his mother’s slaps
I am the fear of the grass
about to be cut

I am the excluded the outsider, this page torn out…

HERE the Italian original version

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