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Edgar Lee Masters Judge Selah Lively

Suppose you stood just five feet two
And had worked your way as a grocery clerk
Studying law by candle light
Until you became an attorney at law?
And then suppose through your diligence,
And regular church attendance,
You became attorney for Thomas Rhodes,
Collecting notes and mortgages,
And representing all the widows
In the Probate Court? And through it all
They jeered at your size, and laughed at your clothes
And your polished boots? And then suppose
You became the County Judge?
And Jefferson Howard and Kinsey Keene,
And Harmon Whitney, and all the giants
Who had sneered at you, were forced to stand Immagine caricaturale della figura di un giudice con il martello in mano
Before the bar and say “Your Honor” –
Well, don’t you think it was natural
That I made it hard for them?


Italian song by Fabrizio De André HERE



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